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Brooklyn Bridge II ROON CORE 4TB

4,995.00 4,995.00

Brooklyn Bridge II ROON CORE 4TB

BACKORDERED (ETA. 4 WEEKS - updated Feb 23, 2024). Limited supply. Because of the demand for the BB2 is higher than our current production output, the backorder situation is expected to continue through January. There is one model of BB2 with 4TB of internal storage (in silver or black), with one year of Roon subscription included.


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  • Brooklyn Line

  • SSD Storage: 4TB

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    Brooklyn Bridge II (BB2) is a major redesign of our best selling original Brooklyn Bridge (BB1). The BB1 has been very successful, receiving the Stereophile Product of the Year and EISA award in 2019-2020 for its innovative, beautiful design and sound. The BB2 has the same award winning preamp and DAC circuits, but now also features a 90W linear power supply. In addition it features next generation, smartphone/tablet accessible touch screen menu and a complete computer system bringing the 21st century Iphone like operation. BB2 has a built in Intel I5 Roon Core computer combined with Mytek OS for easy touch screen operation from an ipad, smart phone or front panel screen.  BB2 is a complete all in one Roon system and designed to be used primarily with Roon playback software. In addition it will provide similar functionality to the original Brooklyn Bridge (Upnp and Roon End Point) and more (Bluetooth, DSP etc). You can think of BB1 functionality being a subset of BB2. BB2 has the functionality of BB1 plus Roon Core computer, touch screen, toroidal linear power supply. Because the computer will be continuously updated over the life of the product, a lot of new functionality will be added, including new streaming and DSP options, file management etc., which are not possible nor intended for the BB1. The DAC and analog section is the same in both products, but because BB2 has the linear regulated power supply, it subjectively sounds about 20% better than the BB1.  Using Roon with BB2 requires Roon subscription. A free 1 year subscription is included in the purchase. Roon provides superior playback and browsing experience, especially with metadata (lyrics, credits, just like a vinyl album covers), not available with other playback software and preferred by thousands of music lovers. Roon also provides more options such as advanced playlist management, multiroom playback and ARC which turns your local library into your own, private streaming service. Roon will play any format including DSD256 and 384k PCM, while other software is limited to max PCM 192k.
    If you don't want to use Roon, nor Bluetooth and upgradable future functionality, and are happy with standard Tidal, Qobuz or Spotify playback interface which uses Upnp for simple playback, you should consider instead buying the Brooklyn Bridge Original (click here) .

    BUILT IN ROON CORE i5 (11th Gen) Intel CPU - (more powerful than the Nucleus+) POWERED BY ROON OS: Brooklyn Bridge has all functionality of a Roon Core CPU combined with high performance DAC. Roon Software can be operated from Roon Remote App or from Mytek Web Interface from any device connected to the network. Bridge can function as a multiroom playback machine playing to different Roon end points.


    Brooklyn Bridge 2 is all in-one Roon Core Streamer + excellent DSD/MQA DAC+ Analog (w/Phono) and Digital Preamp and a high-end headphone amplifier in a compact, modern beautiful chassis. It connects all your music sources in a highest sound quality hub before sending the music to amp and speakers or headphones. It's powered by modern touch operated software - Roon for music browsing and streaming and Mytek OS for all other functionality. Software controls available on front panel are repeated on a wifi device: tablet or smartphone for comfort and convenience. 

    Music Sources: 

    Built in Roon Core: Tidal, Qobuz and local library in any format up to PCM 384kHz, DSD256 and MQA

    Analog Preamp: Phono M/C and M/M and line RCA input

    Digital Preamp: SPDIF and Optical inputs for disk players, or TV,

                     Roon Ready DAC input for use w another streamer when required    

    Bluetooth 5: including hi-res audio (quality depends on cellphone) - For quick casual listening to any internet sound/music source.

    Future Functions: Mytek OS is a software platform that is continuously expanded with new functionality added. Software upgrade happens the same way as on any computer: upon "new software" notification user can choose to download and update the system. New software contains new features and fixes. Within the next months and years, Mytek plans to add alternative players such as Spotify and Tidal Connect and features like Apple Airplay etc. Their availability will be announced when software work on them begins. Future Functions: Mytek OS is a software platform that is continuously expanded with new functionality added. Software upgrade happens the same way as on any computer: upon "new software" notification user can choose to download and update the system. New software contains new features and fixes. Within the next months and years, Mytek plans to add alternative players such as Spotify and Tidal Connect and features like Apple Airplay etc. Their availability will be announced when software work on them begins.    

    Inside the shipping box: power cord for country of destination, usb 2.0 cable, code for 2 months of FREE Roon subscription. Current manual is available as a pdf download on this page.


      up to 384k, 32bit PCM, native DSD up to DSD256, DXD, 130dB DR, ES9028PRO chipset with superior Mytek implementation (HAT (tm) Harmonic Audio Tuning) 


      DECODER: built in hardware MQA decoder, full unfold to original sample rate


      USB2 Class2 (OSX, Linux driverless, all formats up to 384k, DSD256), 2x S/PDIF, 1 Toslink optical (PCM up to 24/192k, up to DSD64 DOP, MQA)


        Bluetooth 5 and Roon Ready Network Endpoint DAC input- PCM384k, DSD256, MQA.


      Line level input (10k input impedance) or Phono M/M, relay controlled. All analog signal path to output.

    • 2xUSB3/2 connectors

      Can be used for:

    • 1) Any music files on FAT /NTFS / Exfat drive or USB Stick. SSD is recommended because of 1A current limit)

    • 2) additional USB DACs for additional Roon Zones (2pcs or up to several can be connected if USB hub is used)


      RCA, balanced XLR, simultaneous, 10 Ohm output impedance

      • CLOCK

        Mytek Femtoclock Generator(tm) 0.82ps internal jitter


      Reference High Current, High transient Headphone Amp, 500mA, 6 Watts, dual headphone jacks, designed to drive hard to drive headphones. Balanced operation with a 1/4" to 4 pin XLR adapter


      Choice of 1dB step analog attenuator,  or 1dB step digital 32 bit attenuator and purist relay bypass.


    • 4TB of internal SSD (approx 6000 CDs). Internal storage is part of the system SSD on the main CPU board and it is fixed and not user upgradable. Internal storage is accessed by the user as a network drive.


      90W Toroidal Linear Power Supply powers the DAC and the Intel  I5 CPU from separate windings. Auto voltage detection adjusts to the local line voltage (90-240VAC 50/60Hz)

    • WEIGHT

      6lbs, 3kg


      2 years



      • WEIGHT

        6lbs, 3kg

      • WARRANTY

        2 years

      Specifications are subject to change.



    Availability (updated on Nov 1, 2023)

    Brooklyn Bridge II is being now in continuous production and we have started shipments to preorder dealers and customers. The products are trickling from our factory in Poland, as the production ramps up. Preorders are now being shipped. If you have already placed a preorder with Mytek, you will be receiving an individual email with detailed information on the shipment when is ready. Because of the production being ramped up, we expect the fulfillment process for preorders to continue in the month of November. New orders are currently backordered for 2 weeks.    

    Upgrade path for the Brooklyn Bridge I (original) released in 2018:

    Mytek has now extended an upgrade offer to current Brooklyn Bridge original owners:  Brooklyn Bridge (original) can be traded towards a brand new Brooklyn Bridge II when it becomes available by requesting the upgrade directly with Mytek Audio on this upgrade page:


    What exactly is the Brooklyn Bridge II and why did Mytek built it?

    Brooklyn Bridge II is All In One a High End DAC, a Music Streamer, an analog and digital Preamp and a Headphone Amp. In short it's a central house music source capable of playing and streaming all music sources, with the highest possible resolution and quality. Brooklyn Bridge being relatively small and portable is an immediate, convenient source of hi-res music available immediately anywhere, to be connected (including via hotspot) and controlled with a smartphone. Mytek has 30 years of experience of building the best sounding mastering quality DACs. To create BB2 Mytek took an award winning Brooklyn DAC design and inserted a Roon Core (Nucleus+) in the same Brooklyn style box for the ultimate seamless experience which does not require Internet nor network expertise.

    Why does BB2 use Roon as the main engine for playback?

    Mytek has opted to choose and license Roon for its main playback engine, because Roon is the most advanced high end playback software available today. Roon has originated from the Sooloos software, a pioneering product from Meridian in early 2000's, and has consistently focused on providing the ultimate music lover experience and support of all music formats including hi-res PCM, DSD and MQA formats. Roon's ability to use recordings' metadata to provide an amazing record playback and studying experience is unprecedented and does not exist in any other playback software. Additionally Roon provides unique features such as unified library of local files and multiple streaming services, multiroom playback to multiple DACs and "own private streaming service" experience of Roon ARC. Roon was simply the best and that's why Mytek chose and licensed it.

    How powerfull is the BB2 Roon Core?

    BBII Roon core uses the Intel i5 11th generation CPU and is actually more powerful than the Nucleus+ because of this more powerful CPU. It's sufficient to handle a very large libraries, even exceeding the size of internal 4TB drive.

    Why does BB2 have the Bluetooth connectivity?

    For convenience. Bluetooth connectivity is meant for all casual sound sources that user may instantly need to connect to speakers, such as podcast, youtube sounds, music samples etc. Bluetooth is extremely useful in daily situations. Mytek uses Intel Bluetooth 5 capable of all formats available on the source phone, including hi-res formats such as AptX and Sony's LDAC 9624.  In addition Mytek plans to introduce the Bluetooth headphones playback capability in the future software updates in 2024.

    How good is the DAC circuitry inside the BB2?

    It's the same circuit based on our own special implementation of the ESS ES9028PRO chipset, same as in the original Brooklyn Bridge released in 2019 (and Stereophile Product of the Year). However, because of the 90W toroid linear power supply and linear regulators, subjectively, the sound of BB2 is roughly 20% better than the original Brooklyn Bridge which used the linear power supply. Also the BB2 DAC has a newly invented HAT(tm) Harmonic Audio Tuning feature which allows for "warm" sound setting where the even 2nd and 4th harmonics of the DAC can be increased for subjective sound improvement. There are no comparable Streamers in the market with this good hi-res DAC at this price.

    How will the BB2 software evolve?

    BBII has a powerful Intel i5 CPU running customized Intel Ubuntu Linux. Mytek has combined the Roon platform with its own Mytek OS Software Platform. You can think of it as a computer with an OS which is periodically updated with new OS versions adding new functionality.  Mytek will continue developing and adding new functionality to BBII which will include new options for streaming, playback and connectivity and digital signal processing. 

    Can BB2 be used without Roon or with services not supported by Roon?

    Yes. Roon focuses on providing the best UI experiences for hi-res streaming services and local library. Some services, for example Spotify, are not supported by Roon. Mytek will be adding this extra functionality in a form of software upgrades. The first feature to be available in the subsequent software updates is the Upnp function which allows universal network streaming. This feature will be gradually expanded, first providing connection via Spotify Connect, the Audirvana and Jplay playback software and eventually more streaming services. Additional to the main Roon feature, the BBII software will be offering the most playback options available from any other music streamer on the market. BBII can do this better because its I5 CPU is about 20x more powerful that the A55 ARM CPU found in the entry level streamers such as Eversolo etc. Because of this, going forward, the BBII will offer a plentiful of new features coming with periodic software updates over the next several years.

    Can BB2 be used as Roon Ready end point in a system with another Roon Core?

    Yes. It is possible to turn off the BB2 Roon Core in menu/settings and make the BB2 a Roon Ready DAC without Roon Core running.

    Brooklyn Bridge II Startup Guide


    Brooklyn AMP+ Manual


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