Manhattan DAC II - English
"The Manhattan II uses the latest Sabre 9038 DAC chipset, which is capable of 130dB dynamic range. To time the new Sabre DAC Mytek employs a “femto clock” in its Crystek C777 clocking architecture, which delivers 0.82ps internal jitter."

Steven Stone • Jan 21, 2019
Manhattan DAC II - English
"All I want from my stereo is an open door to the music on my recordings. I don't want to just peer in that door—I want to walk straight through it and sit down close, to grasp the full nature of their sounds in that space. I want a hint of reality. Mytek HiFi's Manhattan II DAC–preamp–headphone amp let me do all that. "
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Herb Reichert • Aug 15, 2017
Manhattan DAC II - English
"John Atkinson asked me to review the dCS Network Bridge ($4250), which was designed to be paired not just with the dCS Vivaldi DAC ($35,999) running the current v.2.02 software, but with any DAC."
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Jason Victor Serinus • Nov 30, 2017
Manhattan DAC II - Chinese

"I can only sigh that Mytek is indeed well-deserved! The ability to analyze speed, scenes, detailed sounds, the density of large dynamics and micro-dynamics, the three-dimensional sense and energy of sound and image are completely High End"

"只能夠慨嘆一句Mytek果然是名不虛傳!那種分析力速度場面細緻聲音的密度大動態與微動態音像的立體感線條和能量感完全是High End"

Dec, 2019

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